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Rochford Extended Services

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It's ok to ask for help !

Our team were responsible for setting up and running  

Multi Agency Cluster (MAC) Meetings,  

promoting partnership working between statutory, non statutory and voluntary organisions,  to provide the best posible outcomes for children & families.


All of our team members are parents themselves. They know that  family life can be difficult to balance and, from time to time we  all need a little bit of extra help and support!


As long as you have a child at one of our partner schools,  

you can ask for free support and guidance.

Our team receives our funding directly from schools, so referrals need to come through them. Confidentiality is always respected*, so the school will not need to know all the details of the conversation!



Your childs school can arrange for you to have a 1:1 meeting with a Family Support Worker. This can take place in the privacy of your own home, in your child's schools or at a neutral location.



Alternatively, if your child attends one of our schools, you are welcome to come along to one of our support groups for face-to-face advice. (See 'Support Groups & Courses


On the first Tuesday of every month, during term time, you can directly book a 1:1 consultation with Patsy Alphonse-Peer, to discuss specific situations affecting your family. Call or text 07787 259342 to arrange.  


Rochford Extended Services employ an Educational Psychologist, Dr Emma Rawlings,  as part of the team. EPs use psychological thinking to work with children, young people and families to help them find a way forward when life becomes complicated. Our schools are able to have regular consultations with Emma, to think together about holistic support for children with additional needs.


We also provide Attendance Support, working closely with schools to ensure that children are accessing and enjoying education in order to achieve their full potential!



(* In the event of concerns over the safety of a member of your family, it will be necessary for the support worker to discuss with their line manager in accordance with Essex, Southend & Thurrock SET Proceedures.)